Creating a cultural breeding ground 

For Uptown Sloterdijk, a coalition of stakeholders ranging from Amsterdam Municipality to Heijmans Vastgoed Synchroon, ERA Contour and BPD, CBRE, EDGE Technologies, FLOW Real Estate, to APG and NSI, Cecile created an online placemaking event for Sloterdijk.

This soon led to a placemaking plan for Sloterdijk II commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam in cooperation with various stakeholders in Sloterdijk II.
To complement this project, Cecile was also assigned by Stadsbehoud to attract cultural parties to this area. This resulted in the founding of DE SLOOT, a new experimental theatre breeding place initiated by Toneelgroep Amsterdam (formerly: De Warme Winkel) which opened its doors in May 2022.

DE SLOOT‘s objective is to operate a cultural breeding ground in the broadest sense of the word. Within its 3300 m2 floor space, it hosts theatre shows with affordable irregular programming, festivals and try-outs. In addition to this, the location boasts a boxing gym, dance studio, music studios, and the theatre company’s back office. Finally, DE SLOOT has a restaurant that serves delicious food and creates new culinary concepts.

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Amsterdam Municipality

Toneelgroep Amsterdam (De Warme Winkel)



UPtown Sloterdijk (Heijmans Vastgoed Synchroon, ERA Contour en BPD, CBRE, EDGE Technologies, FLOW Real Estate, APG, NSI)


PRESS, Louis Pirenne en Cecile Mullens-Wentges: De Trein der Verwachting (link) (pdf)



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