From hotel to Art studio 

During the COVID interruption in 2020, the new INNSiDE hotel at the Zuidas in Amsterdam had to deal with many empty guest rooms. The hotel asked Cecile to develop a cultural concept that would involve students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

In cooperation with the Academy, Cecile developed a project for the second-year students of the fine arts department. After presenting their ideas, sixteen students were selected by a combined team of Rietveld teachers and hotel staff. 

The students were assigned to do site-specific work while using the empty hotel rooms as their studios. The result was an exhibition throughout the hotel showcasing various art projects.



INNSiDE Hotel by Meliá

Fine Art DepartmentGerrit Rietveld Academy



Cecile Mullens-Wentges concept development

Olle Stjerne project manager

Cesare Botti

Isobel Whalley Payne

Ingeborg Kraft Fermin

Ingeborg Kraft Fermin

Machiel Baijaert



2020–21, Zuidas, Amsterdam, NL